This package implements the main simplifier, which is based around a Context.
  • Class
    A structured representation of a boolean formula (assumption), used for simplifying symbolic expressions.
    A context extractor is used to build up a Context by consuming a BooleanExpression.
    A context is an abstract representation of a boolean expression suitable for normalizing (simplifying) other expressions under the assumption that the context holds.
    An implementation of Simplifier for the "ideal" numeric factory IdealFactory.
    A factory for producing new instances of IdealSimplifier.
    An ideal simplifier worker is created to simplify one symbolic expression.
    Thrown when it has been determined that a @{link Context} is inconsistent, i.e., equivalent to false.
    A class used to simplify a constant map by applying linear reasoning.
    A structured representation of a set of Monics.
    An object that gathers together a variety of objects as fields needed to perform simplification.
    A sub-context represents a boolean expression that holds within the context of some other assumption.