Class Front


public class Front extends Object
Entry point of the front module. A factory class for producing new instances of Preprocessor, Parser and ASTBuilder for using those classes in some common scenarios.
  • Constructor Details

    • Front

      public Front()
  • Method Details

    • newPreprocessor

      public static Preprocessor newPreprocessor(Configurations.Language language, Configuration config, FileIndexer indexer, TokenFactory tokenFactory)
      Returns a new Preprocessor using the default include paths. A runtime exception will be thrown if the language is not yet supported.
      language - the language of the preprocessor
      config - the configuration of the translation task (e.g., is svcomp enabled?)
      indexer - the file indexer that will be used to index all source files encountered by the new preprocessor
      a new Preprocessor
    • newParser

      public static Parser newParser(Configurations.Language language)
      Creates a new instance of a Parser for the given language. This method throws a runtime exception if the given language is not supported yet.
      the new Parser
    • newASTBuilder

      public static ASTBuilder newASTBuilder(Configurations.Language language, Configuration configuration, ASTFactory astFactory)
      Creates an AST builder for the given language. A runtime exception is thrown if the language is not yet supported.
      language -
      configuration -
      astFactory -