Interface Configuration

public interface Configuration
Configuration constants. numbers of bits in types, etc. unsigned char unsigned short int unsigned int unsigned long int unsigned long long int signed versions of above, low and high
  • Method Details

    • unsignedCharMax

      BigInteger unsignedCharMax()
    • unsignedShortIntMax

      BigInteger unsignedShortIntMax()
    • unsignedIntMax

      BigInteger unsignedIntMax()
    • unsignedLongIntMax

      BigInteger unsignedLongIntMax()
    • unsignedLongLongIntMax

      BigInteger unsignedLongLongIntMax()
    • signedCharMin

      BigInteger signedCharMin()
    • signedCharMax

      BigInteger signedCharMax()
    • signedShortIntMin

      BigInteger signedShortIntMin()
    • signedShortIntMax

      BigInteger signedShortIntMax()
    • signedIntMin

      BigInteger signedIntMin()
    • signedIntMax

      BigInteger signedIntMax()
    • signedLongIntMin

      BigInteger signedLongIntMin()
    • signedLongIntMax

      BigInteger signedLongIntMax()
    • signedLongLongIntMin

      BigInteger signedLongLongIntMin()
    • signedLongLongIntMax

      BigInteger signedLongLongIntMax()
    • charMin

      BigInteger charMin()
    • charMax

      BigInteger charMax()
    • inRangeUnsignedChar

      boolean inRangeUnsignedChar(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeUnsignedShort

      boolean inRangeUnsignedShort(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeUnsignedInt

      boolean inRangeUnsignedInt(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeUnsignedLongInt

      boolean inRangeUnsignedLongInt(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeUnsignedLongLongInt

      boolean inRangeUnsignedLongLongInt(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeSignedChar

      boolean inRangeSignedChar(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeSignedShort

      boolean inRangeSignedShort(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeSignedInt

      boolean inRangeSignedInt(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeSignedLongInt

      boolean inRangeSignedLongInt(BigInteger value)
    • inRangeSignedLongLongInt

      boolean inRangeSignedLongLongInt(BigInteger value)
    • getSVCOMP

      boolean getSVCOMP()
      Is this configuration being used to solve an SV-COMP problem?
      true iff this is an SV-COMP problem
    • setSVCOMP

      void setSVCOMP(boolean value)
      Sets the SVCOMP flag, which specifies whether this configuration is being used to solve an SV-COMP problem.
      flag - true iff this is an SV-COMP problem
    • getArchitecture

      Configuration.Architecture getArchitecture()
      Gets the architecture type for this translation task.
      the architecture type
    • setArchitecture

      void setArchitecture(Configuration.Architecture arch)
      Sets the architecture type for this translation task. Default is Configuration.Architecture.UNKNOWN.
      architecture - the architecture type
    • getGNUC

      boolean getGNUC()
      Are the GNU extensions to the C language allowed?
      value of the GNUC flag
    • setGNUC

      void setGNUC(boolean flag)
      Specifies whether the GNU extensions to the C language are allowed. Default is false. This flag is also automatically set to true when the SVCOMP flag is set to true
      flag - value of GNUC flag
    • getLanguage

      the language of the source code; null if this filed has not been set
    • setLanguage

      void setLanguage(Configurations.Language language)
      set the the language of the source code