Interface StandardBasicType

All Superinterfaces:
ArithmeticType, ObjectType, Type, UnqualifiedObjectType
All Known Subinterfaces:
FloatingType, StandardSignedIntegerType

public interface StandardBasicType extends ArithmeticType
An instance of this class represents a "standard basic type". The standard basic types are: the "char" type, the standard signed and unsigned integer types, and the floating types. See C11 Sec. 6.2.5 for the definition of "basic type". Sec. 6.7.2 of the C11 Standard covers "type specifiers". Each standard basic type is specified by a sequence of type specifiers. The order in which these specifiers appear does not matter, but the multiplicity does (e.g. "long long int" specifies a different type than "long int"). Hence the sequence may be thought of as a multiset (set with multiplicity). This is the way it is described in the Standard. A standard basic type may have more than one multiset that specifies it. For example "long" and "long int" specify the same type. The basic multisets comprise the following elements, with multiplicity: char, short, int, long, float, double, signed, unsigned, bool, complex. The allowable multisets are defined in C11 Sec., and are as follows. For a line with more than one multiset, each multiset on the line specifies the same type.
 - char
 - signed char
 - unsigned char
 - short, signed short, short int, or signed short int
 - unsigned short, or unsigned short int
 - int, signed, or signed int
 - unsigned, or unsigned int
 - long, signed long, long int, or signed long int
 - unsigned long, or unsigned long int
 - long long, signed long long, long long int, or signed long long int
 - unsigned long long, or unsigned long long int
 - float
 - double
 - long double
 - _Bool
 - float _Complex
 - double _Complex
 - long double _Complex