Interface IntegerType

All Superinterfaces:
ArithmeticType, ObjectType, Type, UnqualifiedObjectType
All Known Subinterfaces:
EnumerationType, SignedIntegerType, SignedOrUnsignedIntegerType, StandardSignedIntegerType, StandardUnsignedIntegerType, UnsignedIntegerType

public interface IntegerType extends ArithmeticType
Marker interface for all "integer type" nodes. The integer types are char, the signed and unsigned integer types, the enumeration types, and other integer types that may be defined by an implementation. Note that "char" is neither signed nor unsigned. Enumerated types are also neither signed nor unsigned. All other integer types are either signed or unsigned.
 | IntegerType  (e.g., wchar_t)
 | | SignedOrUnsignedIntegerType
 | | | SignedIntegerType (e.g., ptrdiff_t)
 | | | | StandardSignedIntegerType (e.g., "long int")
         kind: SignedIntKind
 | | | UnsignedIntegerType (e.g., size_t)
 | | | | StandardUnsignedIntegerType (e.g., "unsigned long int")
         kind: UnsignedIntKind
 | | EnumerationType
 | | char
Note that wchar_t may be either char or a signed or unsigned integer type.