Interface TypeofNode

All Superinterfaces:
ASTNode, SizeableNode, TypeNode

public interface TypeofNode extends TypeNode
GNU C language reference 6.6 Referring to a Type with typeof Another way to refer to the type of an expression is with typeof. The syntax of using of this keyword looks like sizeof, but the construct acts semantically like a type name defined with typedef. There are two ways of writing the argument to typeof: with an expression or with a type. Here is an example with an expression: typeof (x[0](1)) This assumes that x is an array of pointers to functions; the type described is that of the values of the functions. Here is an example with a typename as the argument: typeof (int *) Here the type described is that of pointers to int.
  • Method Details

    • hasExpressionOperand

      boolean hasExpressionOperand()
    • getExpressionOperand

      ExpressionNode getExpressionOperand()
    • getTypeOperand

      TypeNode getTypeOperand()