Interface OmpDeclarativeNode

All Superinterfaces:
ASTNode, BlockItemNode, OmpNode

public interface OmpDeclarativeNode extends OmpNode, BlockItemNode
This represents an OpenMP declarative directive, which can only be placed in a declarative context. Currently, only threadprivate is supported.
  • Method Details

    • ompDeclarativeNodeKind

      The kind of this OpenMP declarative node.
      the declarative kind of this OpenMP declarative node.
    • setList

      Updates the list of variable declared by this directive.
      list - The list of identifier expression nodes.
    • variables

      Returns a sequence node of identifier expression nodes:
      • threadprivate(x, y, z, ...): a non-empty sequence node
      • threadprivate(): an empty sequence node
      the list of variables in this declarative construct.