Interface ScopeParameterizedDeclarationNode

All Superinterfaces:
ASTNode, BlockItemNode, DeclarationNode

public interface ScopeParameterizedDeclarationNode extends DeclarationNode, BlockItemNode

A CIVL-C scope-parameterized declaration node. Certain declarations can be parameterized by scopes. These declarations involve a sequence of formal scope parameters. Those formals can then be used in the "body" of the declaration.

Will be deprecated soon.

  • Method Details

    • parameters

      Returns the scope parameters. These are represented as a sequence of variable declaration nodes. This sequence is child 0 of this AST node.
      the scope parameters; child 0 of this node
    • baseDeclaration

      DeclarationNode baseDeclaration()
      Returns the base declaration, the "body" of this parameterized declaration. This is child 1 of this AST node.
      the base declaration; child 1 of this node
    • copy

      Description copied from interface: ASTNode
      Returns a deep copy of this AST node. The node and all of its descendants will be cloned. The cloning does not copy analysis or attribute information.
      Specified by:
      copy in interface ASTNode
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      copy in interface BlockItemNode
      Specified by:
      copy in interface DeclarationNode
      deep copy of this node