Interface Typedef

All Superinterfaces:
Entity, OrdinaryEntity, ProgramEntity

public interface Typedef extends OrdinaryEntity
An abstract representation of a typedef construct: binds a name to a type. The method Entity.getName() in Entity returns the name; the method ProgramEntity.getType() returns the type.
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    • getDefinition

      TypedefDeclarationNode getDefinition()
      Description copied from interface: ProgramEntity

      Gets the definition, i.e., the defining declaration of this entity. Every entity has at most one definition. The definition is a declaration of a special kind. For example, for an object (variable), a definition is the declaration that allocates storage for that object. For a function, a definition is the declaration the contains the function body.

      The definition is initially null, but can be set using method ProgramEntity.setDefinition(DeclarationNode).

      Specified by:
      getDefinition in interface ProgramEntity
      the definition of this entity or null