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The analysis module provides various algorithms which analyze an AST, leaving behind information about the AST.
Submodule ast.conversion provides classes for representing to C's "implicit conversions".
Submodule ast.entity defines entities (objects of type Entity), the abstract things such as types, structures, unions, enumerations, objects (variables), functions, and so on, which can be named by identifiers in a program.
Module ast defines an Abstract Syntax Tree representation of a program, the AST.
Submodule ast.node defines every kind of node in an AST.
The ast.node.compound submodule defines nodes and related classes for representing compound initializers.
The ast.node.declaration submodule defines nodes and other object deadling with declarations in a program.
The ast.node.expression submodule defines AST nodes for representing expressions in a program.
The ast.node.label submodule defines AST nodes for representing labels in a program, including ordinary labels, and the case and default labels used in switch statements.
The ast.node.omp submodule defines AST nodes for representing OpenMP constructs, which are specified in omp pragmas.
The ast.node.statement submodule defines AST nodes for representing statements in a program.
The ast.node.type submodule defines AST nodes for representing type constructs in a program.
The ast.type submodule defines the (abstract) types that can be specified in a program.
The ast.value submodule defines classes for representing constant values that can occur in a program, such as numeric literals, characters, strings, pointer constants, and so on.
Module config defines a configuration of ABC which specifies things such as the language be parsed, bounds on integer types, and so on.
Module err provides general exception classes that can be thrown by ABC.
Module parse is used to parse a token stream and produce an ANTLR tree representation of a C program.
Module program provides a high-level, mutable, representation of a program.
Module token defines the various kinds of tokens and related classes used by ABC.
Module transform defines various kinds of transformations of an AST.
Module util provides various general-purpose utilities used by ABC.